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Welcome to a new era of hotel reservations where you have the power to maximize your revenue and take control of your bookings. Introducing the Maxi Booking Hotel Booking Engine – a customizable and personalized solution designed to revolutionize your hotel’s online presence and drive direct bookings like never before.

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Sell More Rooms and Maximize your Revenue

User-Friendly Interface

Global Reach

Instant Real-Time Update

Comprehensive Reports

Maximize Your Profits

With Maxi Booking, you can kiss those hefty commissions goodbye. By encouraging direct bookings through your website, you’ll keep more revenue in your pocket and enjoy higher profitability.

Seamlessly Streamline Bookings

We know that a smooth booking process is key to converting visitors into guests. With Maxi Booking’s intuitive interface and modern design, your guests will enjoy a seamless user experience, resulting in higher conversion rates and happier customers.

Reach a Global Audience

Expand your reach and cater to guests from around the world. Maxi Booking supports multiple languages and currencies, providing a localized experience that makes every guest feel at home, no matter where they’re from.

Customize to Fit Your Brand

Make the booking engine an extension of your hotel’s brand. With Maxi Booking, you have full control over customization, allowing you to match the look and feel of the booking engine to your website seamlessly. Showcase your unique offerings and create a consistent and engaging online experience.

Maximize Your Hotel Revenue

The MaxiBooking Engine is all you need to start getting more guests to your hotel, increase your hotel income and manage all your booking through a single user interface. 

MaxiBooking Engine

Manage all your booking/reservation through easiest, simplest, AccommOperation Mobile Application.


What is a hotel booking engine?

A hotel booking engine is an application on hotel websites and social media pages to capture and process direct online reservations. An online booking engine works by plugging into your hotel website and processing secure online reservations made through the website.

What is the best hotel website booking engine?

According to HotelTechReport’s rankings, which are based on real user reviews and software specs, the best hotel booking engine is MaxiBooking.

What is the difference between a channel manager and booking engine?

The channel manager allows you to manage the availability and prices of your rooms on online channels (OTAs) from a single platform.

The booking engine is the software that allows you to receive reservations directly from the website of a property.

Why is a hotel reservation system important?
  1. No Commission to OTAs
One of the biggest reasons why hotel reservation systems have emerged as such a valuable part of the hospitality industry is because direct bookings are more profitable for hotels than bookings made through online travel agencies (OTAs). This is because direct bookings do not require hotels to pay a commission fee. When customers book a hotel room through an OTA, a percentage of the money they pay is taken by the OTA as a commission fee. This is seen as a worthwhile expense for hotels because OTAs can help them to increase distribution. However, hotels should always prioritise direct bookings when they can, in order to maximise revenue and profit.
  1. Better Control Over Information and Pricing
Another reason why a hotel reservation system can be so valuable to a hotel is because it provides a greater sense of control over information and pricing. Using a hotel reservation system, clear rules can be established for setting room rates, allocating discounts, and either upselling or cross-selling. A good reservation system can also be integrated with a property management system. This combination of hotel reservation and PMS software can then help to update information across other platforms for greater consistency and can centralise the process of setting room rates, or making changes to hotel and room descriptions. Additionally, customer information from direct bookings can also be retained by the hotel, rather than being obtained by a third-party OTA. This then allows hotels to deliver a greater level of personalisation for each customer and allows the hotel to target customers with pre and post-arrival communications.
  1. Greater Customisation and Branding Potential
Through the use of a hotel reservation system to facilitate direct bookings, hotels have greater opportunities to utilise the customisation tools to brand the customer journey and present their own unique voice and perspective. As a result, customers experience a greater level of consistency, see the booking process as more professional, and become more likely to complete the process and book a hotel room. Customers who are taken to a booking engine that does not reflect the hotel website they came from may find the experience jarring and less trustworthy.
Why should my hotel booking engine software be on metasearch?

Metasearch is a powerful way for hotels to generate direct bookings. Not only does metasearch allow brands to get in front of travelers when they’re ready to book, they own the traveler relationship and data, which will be critical in a cookieless world. Given the benefits, hoteliers must incorporate metasearch into their direct booking strategies.

Do I need Google Hotel Ads for my hotel website booking engine?

Google Hotel Ads (GHA) is a metasearch engine for hotels that displays content-rich information about hotels to travellers that are looking for accommodation on Google, to help them evaluate pricing, availability, booking options and more. GHA gives hotels greater exposure on Google.com and Google Maps, on any device and is optimised to move travellers quicker through their booking journey.

With over 60% of travellers using Google when planning their trips, maximising exposure on Google makes a lot of sense.

Travellers are directed from Google Hotel Ads to a property’s own website or Online Travel Agent (OTA) site to make the booking. By ensuring rate parity, you have the opportunity to feature your best available price for your direct booking engine on Google Hotel Ads.

Even without activating a Google Hotel Ads campaign, your property will still appear. The only difference is that there will be no link to your site. So the traveler can only book through OTAs.

How can a booking engine increase profitability and efficiency?

A hotel reservation system allows a guest to plan their own trip at their convenience. It is a software tool that displays your live rates and inventory in real time, across all of your channels, and allows guests to select the dates for their trip and finalise their reservation.

It offers a payment portal so that guests can complete their transaction, and it automatically updates your property management system or central reservations system when your rooms are booked.

How do guests use a hotel booking engine?

Guests will interact with your booking engine via a ‘Book now’ button or similar call-to-action on your website or social media sites. They will then be prompted to select their desired check-in and check-out dates, as well as the number of guests in their party.

How much does a Booking Engine cost?

Booking Engine costs commission based depending on the number of rooms or units your property has.

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